HHS® 束管

HHS® tube, or Helical Hollow Strand, is best described as a strand with an open center working channel. While HHS® tube has proven to be useful in many applications, it is most often utilized to transmit torque or pushing forces due to its exceptional whip free characteristics and a high resistance to kinks. HHS® tube can be manufactured in single, double, and triple layers in order to provide varying flexibility and control. Please contact us with your specifications – we’ll help you design a HHS® tube that fits your exact needs.

Have immediate HHS® tube needs? With our Velocity℠ HHS® rapid prototyping program, we will ship R&D orders of virtually any HHS® tube in 2 weeks or less.

  • 线材器械
  • 操作组件
  • 工作通道
  • 血管内器械
  • 微创工具
  • 导管器械
  • 输送器械
  • 泌尿工具
  • 神经组件
  • 生物导电线

We design HHS® tube to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can provide parametric drawings to assist in design review and quickly return requests for quotation. For standard HHS® tube capabilities, please reference the following variables:

  • Inside Diameter*: .003” (0.0762 mm) to 0.120” (3.048 mm)
  • Outside Diameter*: .006” (0.1524 mm) to 0.160” (4.064 mm)
  • Filars*: 6-18
  • 层数*:1-3
  • 长度*:1”-10' (25 mm – 3 m)
  • Pitch Direction: left, right (alternating each layer)

* 如果您有一个超出这些规格之外的请求,请联系我们

特征 HHS
单丝 多丝
压缩 (%)
环向强度 极佳(上紧)
  • 客户指定的性能测试
  • 下垂、压缩、屈服(负重拉伸强度)或扭矩
  • 方形切割端
  • 焊接
  • 磨削
  • 斜切
  • OD 分段磨削
  • 涂层
  • 装配
  • 成形的 HHS®
  • 焊接
  • Velocity™

虽然您的 HHS® 管可能可以使用其他合金,但以下这些是最常用的: