SLT® 线材

SLT® wire

Fort Wayne Metals 提供的 SLT® 线材经过专门设计,可减少您运营中的生产步骤。 无论您只是需要不必矫直且能够减少机器停机时间的基本线材,还是不会在深度锥形磨削期间变形的优质矫直线材,亦或任何介于两者之间的线材,使用 SLT® 线材都能帮助简化您的生产工艺。

采用 SLT® 线材,收获更高效率。

We will provide Type 4 SLT® wire cut to length according to your specifications, straight, and ready for grinding. And since Type 4 SLT® wire will stay straight even after removing as much as 95 % of the cross-sectional area, you won’t even need to heat treat it. For more information, contact your Fort Wayne Metals Representative. If you want more information about handling our SLT® wire, visit our Video Library.

1 型

Type 1 SLT® wire eliminates manufacturing process steps, reduces set-up time, and may eliminate the need for additional equipment. Typically used for staple wire, braiding mandrels, and dental probes, this ready-to-use product reduces setup time and eliminates the need to straighten before additional processes. Now you can streamline your process to get your product out the door faster without compromising quality.

Straightness variance 25.4 mm per 304.8 mm [1.00 in per 12.00 in]

Packing specifications Wire on a spool

Minimum hub size 220x wire diameter

2 型

Type 2 SLT® wire significantly reduces process time by eliminating the need for mechanical straightening. This wire comes to you free of rotary marks, providing customer-ready surface. With no need to adjust for cast or helix in secondary processing, Type 2 SLT® wire has been used for mandrel wire, needle and staple wire, stylet wire, point coiling, and micro needle applications.

Straightness variance 2.997 mm per 304.8 mm [0.118 in per 12.00 in]

包装规格 绕成线圈或切割成特定长度

Minimum hub size 300x wire diameter

3 型

Type 3 SLT® wire eliminates the need to straighten. In spring and hard conditions, this material is designed for removing up to 90% cross-sectional area by taper grinding without requiring heat treatment. Typical applications for Type 3 SLT® wire range from micro-needles, orthodontics and suture needles, to guide wires, endoscopes, and embolic filters.

符合 ASTM F2819 标准

Straightness variance 0.508 mm per 304.8 mm [0.02 in per 12.00 in]

包装规格 绕成线圈或切割成特定长度。

Minimum hub size 400x wire diameter

4 型

Our premier SLT® wire features excellent 1:1 torque response, which makes it a popular choice for neurovascular guide wire, steerable PTCA, endoscopes, and other precision applications. Type 4 SLT® wire is designed for removing in excess of 95% of cross-sectional area by taper grinding without rippling or pigtailing. Not straightening or additional heat treatment is required, regardless of condition. This superior grindability and kink resistance means this SLT® wire is often chosen for the most demanding applications.

符合 ASTM F2819 标准

Straightness variance 0.254 mm per 304.8 mm [0.01 in per 12.00 in]

Packing specifications Cut to length only

Minimum hub size N/A


SLT® wire benefits
SLT® 线材 Reduced
setup time
Straightness Grindability 1:1 torque
Type 1    
Type 2 •• ••    
Type 3 ••• •••
Type 4 ••• ••• ••• ••


SLT® 线材 条件 Surface finish Size range
mm in
Type 1 Half Hard
3/4 Hard
Ultra Spring
Oxide or Bright 0.0381-1.3716 0.0015-0.054
高张力钢板 0.0381-0.889 0.0015-0.035
Type 2 Hard
Ultra Spring
光亮 0.0508-1.0033 0.002-0.0395
高张力钢板 0.0508-1.0033 0.002-0.0395
Type 3 光亮 0.0508-0.889 0.002-0.035
Double Spring
0.0508-1.0007 0.002-0.0394
超弹性 0.0508-0.9398 0.002-0.037
高张力钢板 0.0381-0.889 0.0015-0.035
Type 4 Spring
Ultra Spring
光亮 0.1981-0.9398 0.0078-0.037
高张力钢板 0.1981-0.762 0.0078-0.030


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